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Sator Compakt - harvester with bunker

It was invented to cooperate with small tractors 70 hp, moreover the harvester has got a very light construction having at the same time great work parameters.

The lengths of the belts enables the operator to see perfectly the carrot harvesting. Thanks to all of that, the machine works perfectly in the hard conditions.

The patented technology of various lengths of belts enables to transport carrot, cut the tops and throw the tops away in such a way that the harvester can work continuously without  the need to clean the space between the cutting knives and the belts.

Thanks to such solution we can minimize the amount of people needed for harvest in a difficult conditions.


  • independent hydraulic system (2-section pomp)
  • height of the bunker: 896/3450/550 mm
  • height of the lifting to 2,5 mm
  • minimum power of a tractor: 80 HP
  • working speed: max 6 km/h
  • road speed: max 20 km/h
  • two lengths of belts: 3960 and 4210 mm

Options / Accessories

  • hydraulic torpedoes
  • hydraulic cleaning of a root (hydraulic shakers)
  • adjustable speed regulation of lifters belts
  • adjustable speed regulation of conveyors belts



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